James Taylor Racing
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James Taylor

Driver profile

AGE   18

INTERESTS   Motor Sport, Fitness


2014 LKRC Cadet Champion
2016 SYKC Junior Champion
2018 Ginetta Junior Scholorship Winner
2019 Ginetta Junior Winter Series Champion


James Taylor started his racing career in 2010 at the indoor kart school Wakefield at the age of 8. He quickly progressed to outdoor circuit's and became vice champion of south Yorkshire kart club in his first year.

James went on to win the Lincolnshire kart club cadet championship in 2014 as well as having numerous podium finishes at kart clubs around the UK.

In 2015 James moved into junior karts and had several strong finishes in the LGM national championships to finish 8th overall out of some 90+ drivers.

In 2016 James returned to south Yorkshire kart club and won the 2016 championship.

In 2017 James competed in the junior x30 super one championship again with some strong finishes and a rookie win.

James by now had wanted to race cars for a number of years but never had the opportunity however the time felt right to compete for the Ginetta junior scholarship and to enter the 3 day competition as a complete novice and with having never driven a car before he would have to learn fast!

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Early career in karts